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Leslie and invoices

Ok well ill start out by saying it has been a warm and sticky summer. Invoices will go out the week. Read the news letter for updates. I thought that i would take the kids and the wife and get away for a long weekend. We went over the Machanaw bridge to these cabins for a little family reunion type thing. It was great to hang out with my sisters and my family. Leslie started getting sick on Thursday. Her temp was getting real high. So being up in gods country theres not a doc office for miles. Well we came home Sunday morning and her temp was around 104. Took her to urgent care and now she has phnominia. So answering the phones around here is going to be a little tough for awhile so bare with me. Take care and talk to you soon. Bob

Robert Tippett



At Bob and Leslie's Lawn Maintenance, we believe in customer service, pride in our work, and to provide the best lawn care in the area.

We have some of the best equipment on the market for your lawn. From walk behind commercial mowing equipment to professional trimmers and blowers. We take pride in our work, and pride in your lawn.

We also do a small amount of landscaping by request for our customers. If your thinking about planting flowers, or other small tasks, give us a call and we will do our best to provide you with that service.

Our crews are very experienced and work very hard to keep our customers, and their lawns happy.



We know that spring and fall can bring messes to clean. And Bob & Leslie's Lawn Maintenance is here to help. We will cleanup those tree limbs and leaves in the spring and the fall, and remove them from your property.

Do not let your back take the strain, let us clean up your lawn for you. We have an extensive variety of equipment to help us help you.



And when the nights grow colder, and the white stuff starts to fall. Bob & Leslie's Lawn Maintenance will be there for you. We have a wide variety of snow removal and salt spreading equipment to remove that snow from your driveway or business areas.

We will even do your sidewalks while we are at it. So stay warm, and let us do what we do best, remove that snow.



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